Goat Shuts Down Internet As Being Spotted Walking In The Street On Two Legs Like Human -[WATCH VIDEO]

Goat Shuts Down Internet For Walking On Two Legs Like a Human -[WATCH VIDEO]

Indeed, wonders shall never end, as what our portal has seen in a viral video has proven the slogan said.

As in when you think that you have seen all the weird things in this world, then another pops up.

Usually, Goats are only known to stand on their hind legs whenever they wish to mate or fight over a mating partner, but this goat was filmed doing the opposite, in fact it seemed as though it was deliberately trying to imitate it’s human owners.

A goat in Telwara, Bihar, India was caught on camera walking a full 10 meters on his hind legs. It definitely came as a shock to many who watched the video, Infact many have linked the strange act as an evolutionary phrase, marking that just as humans evolved from Apes to man, according to the Darwin theory, so is the goat trying to evolve in its movements.

According to the New York Post, who says the 24-second clip came from Triangle News, they said the goat was trained by locals to mimic human beings, but goats are not known to possess such intelligence unlike dogs, but 2020 is a year that has shown that everything is possible

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