Youth Federation of Upper West Region Petitioned Government Over Roads; Sends Out Strong Message -DETAILS

Youth Federation of Upper West Region Petitioned Government Over Roads; Sends Out Strong Message -DETAILS
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Youth Federation of Upper West Region Petitioned Government Over Roads; Sends Out Strong Message -DETAILS

A famous and none partisan youth group in Wa calling itself Upper West Regional Youth Federation has asked government to consider the safety of Ghanaians and the economic benefits of Wa Techimai road and fix the poor road network bedeviling the area.

According to the youth group,the road is now a death trap to road users and has also affected businesses in north and within the middle belt of Ghana.Below is a press release:

As a responsible mouthpiece for youth of the Upper West Region, The Upper West Regional Youth
Federation, which champions the development and wellbeing of our youth pens this message to
share a critical concern that underscores the hopes and aspirations of our young people. The
daunting state of the Wa – Techiman road, a critical infrastructure that connects lives and fulfills
dreams, poses grave threats to the livelihood of our youth, safety of our people, and progress of
the Upper West Region.


Our invincible young Ghanaians are straining to build their future, despite witnessing the
distressing deterioration of this critical road. The poor state of the Wa Techiman road has indeed
become an unforeseen hurdle for our youth. The inconvenient and hazardous commutes have
hindered their access to opportunities, be it jobs, education, or meaningful community
engagement. What makes our hearts heavy is that this issue not only touches upon the accessibility
but also on the fundamental rights to mobility, safety, and development.

The dreams and
aspirations of our youth are being compromised which we, as a regional community, cannot allow.
Notwithstanding being a major route for transportation, the alarmingly bad condition of the Wa
Techiman road has escalated road accidents, posing a threat to everyone, but it disproportionately
affects our young ones who are the lifeblood of our society. For how long shall we continue to lose
potential young leaders due to infrastructural negligence? Our community is grief-stricken,
mourning the loss of promising lives. Every single road accident is a heartbreaking tale of dreams
unfulfilled, families destroyed, and a glowing future extinguished prematurely.

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The decrepit state of the Wa Techiman road also poses significant risks to the steady development
of the Upper West Region. This road connects several socioeconomic elements of our space. Its
poor condition impedes the accessibility to and from our region, thus, limiting economic and social
opportunities. This, in turn, undermines our developmental growth, stagnates our progress, and
slows down the holistic growth of our region.

Moreover, the poor situation of the road, particularly during the night, has unfortunately made it
an advantageous environment for perpetrating robbery attacks. These attacks have become more
frequent due to the lack of adequate lightening and the abundance of ditch-like potholes that serve
as hideouts for these miscreants.

There is an urgent appeal to our revered President of Ghana, HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo, the
sagacious Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, and the esteemed Speaker of Parliament to
rectify this pressing concern. Their undeterred dedication can transform our land into paths of
prosperity. Our hopes are entrusting in their leadership. We hope our plea will resonate with their
commitment to creating a Ghana that is safe, progressive, and inclusive.

Major roads within the Upper West Region need urgent enhancement and reconstruction to protect
lives and accelerate development. We need these crucial changes now more than ever. This is not
just an appeal, but a collective demand of our citizens, raising our voice in unity, seeking necessary
As the young powerhouses of the Upper West Region, we are relying on your direct involvement
to bring about tangible change in restoring the state of our roads, particularly the Wa Techiman
route. Instigating an immediate rectification will not only save our lives but also strengthens the
faith in our democracy and development plans.

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We will not cease till we see this positive stride. Let us hold accountable those we have put in
authority. We perceive the dilapidated road as a testament of promises unkept but with continued
diligence, we believe in the manifestation of promises and expectations met. We confidently
choose resilience over despondence, action over avoidance, and development over stagnation.

As the youth and citizens of the Upper West Region, we are optimistic. Our vigor, our hope, and
our shared aspirations for a prosperous region will not falter. Because we believe that through
collective action and well-channeled resources, amenities such as our roads will depict not our
struggle but our triumphant journey towards growth and development.

In the spirit of unity, let us raise our voices, strengthen our appeals, and demand immediate
reconstruction of the Wa Techiman road and other major roads in the Upper West Region. It is not
just a road, it is the pathway that leads us towards a hopeful tomorrow.

Let this mark the beginning of an era where our infrastructural challenges are turned into URLs of
development, catalyzing the shared vision of a prosperous Upper West Region with secured lives,
assured safety, and unstoppable progress. We owe this legacy to the future generation, the
generation that will carry forward our fearless dreams and vibrant culture to the world.

Haruna Zinentah Cassandra Anapaga Ayeebo Nestor Mwinterebo
Regional President Secretary Organizer/Operations
0246669650 0245952548 0205001707
All media houses
H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
Rt. Hon. Alban K. S. Bagbin
Ministry of Roads & Highways
Ministry of Finance
National Youth Authority
The Upper West Caucus in Parliament

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