UCC Releases Academic Calendar For Teachers Who Applied For Degree Top-Up and MORE -CHECK OUT

Report convened has it that the portal which was opened for diploma holders to apply for the top up programme has been closed and will be opened on the 20th of October 2020 for prospective teachers to apply.

Aside from that the Institute of Education has released its calendar for academic activities which will take place when academic work begins.

This has come as a shock to many teachers because there can’t be academic work when admission fees and other things has not be released to them, teachers are now in a confused state (in a dilemma) as to whether the calendar is for the 3 semester  top – up programme organized for diploma holder or for 5 semester top – up people.

The Information available indicates that this academic calendar is for both programmes but mainly for the those offering 5 semester course at UCC.

Some trainee teachers are not sure about what to do at the moment, if they should go for it or not.

There are unanswered questions in every trainees mind, there should be a press briefing from our leaders, about this new programmes where all the necessary questions bothering trainees teachers can be answered, so that trainees teachers will have a clear mind to decide on their future.

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However, the institute has gone ached to release the academic calendar detailing all academic works that will take place when the course commences. This released was made right after the link for registration for the one year top up degree programme was revoked by the institution earlier yesterday, October 15, 2020.


Portal To Be Reopened 20th October 2020.
Portal To Be Reopened 20th October 2020.

It is advisable for applicants not to worry about their choice of courses because every applicant will automatically be enrolled in the course, he/she chose during the filling of the online form.

However, activities are scheduled as follows:

1 Monday, October 19 to 25, 2020 Preparation and population of course teaching and learning materials unto the e-learning platform
2 Friday, October 23, 2020 Uploading of students onto the e-learning platform
3 Monday, October 26,2020 Online Lectures begin
4 Friday December 19, 2020 End of online lectures
5 December 2020/ January 2021 (holiday) Tutorials and quiz I
6 April/May, 2021 (Holiday) Tutorials, Quiz II and End of first semester exams

Meanwhile, the Institute of Education has put the following modalities in place to make the online teaching and learning sessions effective-the under listed points are the measures put in place to enhance the success of the course:

1. Lecturers are expected to cover half the content of the course outline from 26h October, 2020

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to 18 December. 2020. The other half will be covered after the Christmas Holidays

2. Lecturers should prepare voice or video recordings on topics to be covered for the semester.

They should make sure that the voice or video recordings do not exceed 20 minutes

3.  Lecturers can also make use of PowerPoint presentations with a voice-over. explaining the content of the presentation.

4. Lecturers MAY schedule an hour virtual session with students every week using ZOOM or other video conferencing software. Lecturers and their students must agree on the date, day and time.

5. Lecturers and students should use WhatsApp and or Telegram group platforms for discussions, further explanations of concepts/aspects of topics not clear to them.

6. Students are encouraged to use the IOELMS platform as regularly as possible.

7. Support staff have been assigned to the various Study Centres to manage the E-Learning Platform-LMS. Lecturers and students who encounter difficulty should contact them. Their contact details will be provided on the platform.

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