Top 10 Most Corrupt Country In World in 2021; See The Position of Your Country-[Check List]

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Undoubtedly, My country, a proud one to bed precise was able to make it. The love of my country is so deep but regrets and fear crumple us when the thing which is not supposed to happen, take place.

Today I will give you the list of the most notorious and corrupted countries in the world.

The non-governmental organization based in Germany Transparency International defines corruption as a private abuse of government power. The latest version of the Corruption Perceptions Index of the organization also shows that failure to control corruption significantly fosters a global democratic crisis.

According to the US, Colombia is considered the world’s most corrupt country. The best countries are characterized by a survey of over 20,000 world citizens in 73 countries.

The survey replied that each country is closely associated with “corrupt,” which is exactly the meaning of its own interpretation. The attribute is given to the best transparency countries and the best countries for investing in and headquartering a company.

A wave of anti-government protests began in Colombia, which is estimated at 14 billion dollars a year in corruption-related costs.

After protest leaders met government officials later this month, another set of strikes may follow.

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Although this country is known for its political scandals over the decades, voters recently chose Claudia López, a green party member and a prominent activist from Colombia as Mayor of Bogota.

López is the first female and openly gay person in Colombia to become mayor. Colombia has taken the No. 2 most corrupt country in the ranking in 2021, Mexico, famously known for its deathly drug cartels.

Also, the top ten were Ghana, Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala and Bolivia.

In January, the Interim Government of Bolivia announced it would investigate almost 600 former officers under Evo Morales who resigned in November.

Russia, which has been accused of election meddling and Olympic doping are excluded, they appear tenth on the list of world corruption according to the U.S News.

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