There Will Not Be Big Rallies for Political Parties -Akufo Addo Hinted

Akufo Addo
Akufo Addo

The President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has dropped a hint that campaigns leading up to Election 2020 will be direct and devoid of large gatherings like it used to be in previous elections.

According to him, 2020 has been presented with a difficult situation but politicians will have to adapt to the changing trends to meet the people in order to canvass for their votes.

He said 2020 will not be characterized by big rallies like it used to but politicians will adapt the direct form of campaigning which will have to be on a door to door basis, organizing small stakeholder and group meetings and adapting technology.

The President made this known when he spoke on Kumasi-based Wontumi FM in an interview.

He said “things will change, yes things will change. Your radio station will be one of the most important platforms to sell our messages and will be one of the main instruments for campaigning this time. So, you are going to become very important in the coming days. We will come and plead with you to provide us with your platform for the electioneering campaign.

The radio will become an important platform for communicating, online, all kinds of things and of course house to house. I’m sure that big big rallies, people congregating this time will not work but direct campaigning, online, radio, television, house to house, these are going to be the instruments of the campaign this time around”.

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