Shocking: People In Kumasi Start Buying Their Coffins in Anticipation of Their Death Due To The Economic Hardship in Ghana -Coffin Manufacturer Speaks

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Elsewhere in Kumasi, residents have started purchasing their coffins in anticipation o their death due to the high cost of living in the country.

Due to the hardship in the country, some residents of Kumasi in the Ashanti region have started buying their own coffins as they await their death.

This bizarre scenario was revealed by one Akwasi Baafi who sells and manufactures coffins in the region.

According to him, these days it has become common in the region that some people come to their shops to buy coffins not to bury their dead person but rather to buy it down for themselves as they prepare to die.

“There are some people who know the day they will die because of their health conditions so they buy the coffin they want their family to use to bury them while others also buy it because of the price increment of coffins,” he said.

He went on to say that after paying for the coffin, they return days later with their family members to show them the coffin they had bought to be used in burying them.

“People sometimes will pay for the coffin and later visit with their family members just to show them the coffin he/she has bought for his/her burial when he or she dies”

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“But there are some of them who will buy the coffin and order us to wrap it so he or she can take it home because he is buying it ahead of his or her death” Mr. Baafi explained.

When asked if the people who sell coffins wish for people to die, Mr. Akwasi Baafi responded, “We do not wish people die, yet we always pray for good business because every worker prays for good business.”

He concluded by saying, “the fact we sell and make coffins doesn’t mean we feel happy when people die. We are human beings and we feel the pains when people are dying but death is part of our journey and no one can escape it”.


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