SHOCKER: See What A Sakakwa Boy Turned Into To Defraud Client -[WATCH VIDEO]

Benjamin Amoonu
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Benjamin Amoonu, a sakawa boy (alleged advanced fee fraudster) who claims his friends are spiritually insane, has revealed how he posed as gay to defraud his mostly foreign clients.

Amoonu, 21, a JHS 2 student who lives in Tema said that he started the internet fraud by getting a foreigner who was so interested in him just because he, the former shared the same name with his victim’s father.

According to him, “the mugu”, a local term for someone who is not smart, needed a gay partner, and due to his fast wish for money, he posed as one when in reality, he was not.

His love for education continued to decline until he subsequently stopped school at JHS 2, when he was only 21.


The alleged fraudster mentioned that the first money he received from this client was USD1,700 (9,809.00 cedis if converted today 14th July, 2020).

He added that, at a point, the money reduced – miraculously perhaps – due to his friend’s evil intentions and negative influence.

“He used to send me big money. At least every week he used (sic) to send me 700 dollars until later it declined to 100 cedis,’’ the self-confessed fraudster said.

On the practice of juju in the Sakawa game, he explained that his friends led him to a traditional priest in Atebubu in the Bono East Region. Contrary to expectations, his relationship with the ‘mugu’ even worsened afterwards.

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Amoonu explained that some of his friends are now facing “spiritual attacks” as a result of their attempt to cast spells on their clients.

Watch his narration below:

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