See The Huge Amount GES Diploma and Degree Holders Are Expected To Receive As Their COLA; Check Out How This Is Calculated

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As we gradually move to the end of this month, thus, August, many public sector workers might be happy because their accounts would be credited with their monthly salary together with the cost of living allowance granted, of which the Ghanaian professional teachers are without exception.

It is important to notify to readers, especially, the service providers on the sector of the Ghana education service, that, with the fifteen percentage COLA, a diploma holder is likely to take home at least an amount of GH 600 and degree Holder taking home GH 780 if July arrears are to be included.

For the sake of doubt, let us take an interest look into how this calculation might be done.

Just take fifteen percent (15) out of hundred (100) and multiply it by your basic salary.

However, the said amount would differ from one person to another depending on the time of assumption to duty.

Source: Opera News

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