Sad News As Man K!lls Himself After Losing Money on a Betting Site -See Photos

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A gambler has committed suicide, leaving behind a suicide note to his fellow gamblers. A man who got back to his place of work has committed suicide in his rented house where he is said to have committed the heinous act.

Bwisa’s relatives said they went over to his house to look for him as they prepared to celebrate the New Year festivity as a family.

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The deceased’s relatives said when they knocked on the door of Bwisa’s rented house they did not get any response. Upon trying to gain access to the house, they realised that he had locked the door from the inside, prompting them to seek police officers’ intervention.

“There was a suicide note he placed next to his body. In the letter, Bwisa blamed frustrations arising from unsuccessful bets as the cause for his suicidal ideation. In the note, he also counseled the youth and his household participants to refrain from betting, announcing it ends up impoverishing people.”


He went on to say that gambling is a horrible idea, conveying an important warning to everyone who indulges in the pastime. He lost around 4k ghc his hard earned money he couldn’t bear the lost and he optioned to take his own life.

After taking poison and that killed him, the Kenyan mam locked himself in his apartment where he died due to depression and money he lost on bet after drinking poison to ease up his pains.

Many people have suffered from depression as a result of the difficulties they encounter when gambling goes horribly wrong, resulting to suicides. Gamblers have been warned that if they don’t exercise prudence when gambling, it might lead to disappointments in their daily lives.

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