Sad News As 15% Of Teachers In Basic Schools Left Their Teaching Job In 2021 -Confirmed

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Schools have face extraordinary challenges over the last two years, but perhaps the biggest is still to come in 2022: stopping the Great Teacher Resignation or Attrition.

Data from Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of the Education think thank- tank, EduWatch still suggest that many teachers are leaving the Basic Schools.

According to African Education Watch, the provisional data in Ghana from EMIS ( a branch of the Ministry of Education) suggests that 15% of teachers left Basic Schools in 2021 alone. This percentage translate to 44,000 teachers. EduWatch believes that this figure is the highest in over 20 years in the Ghana Education Sector.

According to Mr. Kofi Asare, the Executive director of EduWatch on his official, social media page believes that, before the huge numbers of teachers left, there were thousands of classrooms without teachers in deprived districts.

“So you can imagine the status-quo.The 16,000 being recruited for 2022 is welcome, but less than half of the 2021 attrition.We must investigate why; redistribute and engage more to deprived communities.”

The government of Ghana is set to post 16,000 teachers in 2022 but the issue remains that, will they be enough to fill the void left ? Why do teachers keep leaving their field ?


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