NPP Primaries: Post-election Violence Hits Wulensi Constituency; Defeated Alhaji Haruna Abdulai’s Supporters On Rampage

The group calling itself concerned Konkombas in NPP for Wulensi Constituency are raising an alarm over the activities of Alhaji Haruna Abdulai and his supporters aftermath of NPP parliamentary elections in Wulensi. According to the group, what Alhaji and his people are doing have the tendency to spark chaos in the already volatile Constituency even before December polls!
They have recounted how Alhaji Haruna and his supporters are destabilizing peace and order in the District for  their parochial interests.
On June 21,2020 a day after the election,Haruna and his camp went berserk Wulensi town after the results did not favour them burning lorry tyres and matched to the party office where they destroyed the doors and windows to the party office.Some of the protesters were heard on footage making comments that hon.Ogajah should go to his home town and contest the elections!
They were also heard referring to some people as “animals”!
The group is worried that those statements,which are ethnocentric are  bad and can mar the peaceful coexistence between Konkomba and Nanumba political leaders in the Constituency.The group,according to their understanding,those comments were referring to Konkombas since hon.Ogajah is a Konkomba.
The group wants to put it on record that hon.Ogajah was born and bred in Wulensi Constituency! and can not be alienated or tagged as a stranger.
The group also condenms the acts perpetuated by some Nanumbas in Wulensi who call themselves Inter-Party Alliance by marginalizing,insulting and disrespecting Konkombas during the ongoing Voter registration exercise in Wulensi.
They narrated how some people were brought from Kanjo,a surbub of Wulensi to register in Wulensi town since Kanjo polling station number exceeded 1000 but some Nanumbas comprising of NPP,NDC,PPP,CPP matched to the registration centre  to prevent the people from registration and accusing them of being Togolese.This they said nearly brought about serious confusions!
They warned that, if what they are doing has a tribal agenda,they should better stop it and allow peace to prevail so we can continue to peacefully co-exist!.
They have also hinted of matching Alhaji Haruna and his supporters boot for boot if they continue to protest and make statements against the elected parliamentary candidate for Wulensi cum the incumbent MP ,Hon.Thomas Donkor Ogajah!.
They bemoaned the last attack on Regional chairman and the burning of the party pick up last week!
It can be recalled that the supporters of Alhaji Haruna Abdulai after losing the elections went berserk Wulensi town protesting and burning lorry tyres,they matched to the party office and destroyed Doors and Louvres of the office
As if that was enough,they went ahead just last week and burned the party pick up to ashes!
The information available to the group indicates that, they have again served letters of their intended demonstration in town and if the authority does not stop them ,they should expect reprisal Demonstrations from our camp too.
They have hinted of petitioning the DISEC,REGSEC and the Security over the matter!
The group complained that,majority of the people of Wulensi have turned their anger on even Nanumbas who were members of Hon.Ogajah’s team;they have attacked most of them and have threatened them including the workaholic DCE for the area Hon.Munkaila Natogmah simply because he supports a Konkomba!.
How can HARUNA and his supporters turn Wulensi Political leadership to an ethnic affair!? The group questioned!
The group wants Alhaji Haruna and his supporters to know that we Konkombas are natives of Wulensi and have equal rights of political franchise,and anyone who thinks Konkombas can not hold any political position in Wulensi  should proceed to the Supreme Court to restrain them and not using the violent means!.
The group wants to condenm the undemocratic practises by the camp and urge them to emulate Konkombas in both NDC and NPP by being  politically tolerant!
They made reference to the NDC parliamentary primaries where Nanumbas won both in Bimbilla and in Wulensi and the Konkomba Constants conceded defeat and pledged their full support for the elected Candidates.
The group said If Alhaji Haruna thinks, he has been cheated,the best thing to do is  to seek rredress in the law Court and not resorting to those violent acts!,they cited the incidence in Which the Incumbent MP was cheated in 1996 elections but took it in good faith!
The group finally calls for Unity among the Members of the NPP ahead of December polls! and calls on security to be up on the job to crack down trouble makers!

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