Meet The World’s Oldest Man Who is 160 Years Old; Drops Secret Behind His Long Live Span And Leaves Everyone Shocked -WATCH VIDEO

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Many people in the world wonder why some live longer than others and wish they could be told things to do to live long on this earth.

The narrative above stems from the fact that people want to live, enjoy, grow old and eventually transcend to the ancestral world.

They don’t want to die premature or in their middle age, so that they can bring up their offsprings.

Well, unfortunately, it is not everyone who is blessed with long live span on this earth. Just few persons live longer and it becomes a mystery to others.

In the video below showed a clear instance, where a man claimed to be the world’s oldest narrates his story…

Undoubtedly, his secret which made him leave this long has left many dumbfounded…..

Watch the video below….

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