Meet The Man Who Has Not Drunk Water For 20 Years, Yet Lived – Gives Shocking Reason

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There are some things which some people were not doing before, but they just started doing those things, maybe because of certain conditions. This may be caused by what they passed through, what humans pass through can make them change the way they do things, there’s no doubt about that. An African man from Burundi, known as Kalton disclosed how he stopped drinking water for the past 20 years.

According to reports, Kalton stopped drinking water immediately after he came back from prison. He was a very rich man in his community then. He loved taking good care of people around him, including those who are not related to him. He was a very nice man who loved taking care of strangers, and others who can’t take care of themselves. He used his wealth to help many people in his community.

But his kindness turned against him, the day some strangers visited him. According to him, he said he accepts everyone in his house, so it was not unusual of him. He accepted the young men, gave them food, and also made them feel at home, and had a long discussion with them. He never knew those visitors are in his house to ruin him.

After having a good time with those strangers, they left his house. But they left a car document in his house, then he saw the document, but kept it safe in case they come back for it. But they never came back for the document, instead of the strangers coming to his house, the police came instead. The police told him they are at his house to search. Kalton was innocent, so he allowed the police to search his house, not knowing that the car document in his house is a setup.

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The police found the document in his house, and they arrested him immediately, saying he possessed the document of a stolen car. He was arrested for the theft of a car since the document was found in his possession. He went to prison for a crime he knows nothing about. So, after he was released some years later, he stopped drinking water, and it didn’t affect his health at all.

He is the only one that knows why he stooped drinking water after he came back from prison, and he can eat without taking a drop of water. And he’s been living after 20 years when he stopped drinking water. Remember he was drinking water like others when he had not been to prison, he stopped drinking water after he returned from the prison, and only he knows why he decided to do so.

Kalton loves Jamaican music, as he’s always seen singing and playing guitar with his kids. He has 4 children, and two of them are twins. Since he came back from prison, he does not stand as fit as he was standing before (financially). He now stays with his parents. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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