Massive Uproar As a Pastor Spotted In The Streets Carrying Coffin -[SEE PHOTOS]

A pastor has caused massive uproar as he seen carrying a casket in the streets sending out a strong message.

This footage after hitting online has since gone viral, thereby attract much attention and also mixed reactions from social media media users.

However, in a viral video that surfaced online, a prophet was spotted on the streets carrying a wooden coffin while he spoke about Nigeria problems. The prophet also spoke about the rulers of the nation.

In the viral video, the Prophet said he was carrying the coffin in obedience and he spoke about the presidency up till the local government. He said all the arms of government have become self-centred and selfish.

He said they were no longer doing what was expected of them. The prophet said he was carrying the coffin on his head because God isn’t happy with the leadership and the bloodshed in every part of the country.

The Prophet said the leadership of the country should listen because the wrath of God will soon descend on those who deprive others of the great resources that the country has.

The prophet said he was directed to carry the coffin, walk on the streets and talk about the leaders because what is meant for everyone is in the custody of a few people.

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He also said God isn’t happy with the bloodshed, the hardship, and the insecurity. He advised that all the leaders of the country listens to his message and take a new turn.

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