Man Who Tricked Two School Girls to Bed and Slept with Them, in Turns For Sweets Sentenced

A man sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling two children by drugging them will now serve 46 years after winning his appeal. Swaleh Mwinyi, 37, was charged with defiling two minors aged seven and nine sentenced to life imprisonment.

“He would defile me either very early in the morning when I am going to school or when returning from school,” one of the girls told the court”. Swaleh Mwinyi, 37 would stop the girl’s when going to school in the morning give them sweet, chocolate, money take them to inside his house and defile them.

He would wait for them in the evening and defile them again and threatened to kill them if they dare speak up. He would give them something to sniff and after that they will feel dizzy he will defile the two girls.

“He wouldgive us an oval-shaped object to sniff. Whenever we sniffed the object, we would feel dizzy. He would then grab and take us to an alley and defile us in turns. He would then threaten to kill us if we screamed or told anyone,” they said.

One day a woman came to their parents to enquire the relationship they have with Swaleh who she always see them with. The girls denied after thorough persuasion they confessed to their parents. Court have sentenced Swaleh to 23 years for each defilement making it 46 years.

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Parents should be vigilant and monitor their girl child very well. If seven and none years old girls can be in a relationship with 37 years old man and tell her parents it’s unfortunate. Court has sentenced him to 23 in jail.

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