Man charges ex-girlfriend to pay him back the money he invested in her during their relationship, else they’ll meet in Court -[Letter]

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BROADCASTGHANA.NET has stumbled on a letter purported to have been written by KWARHI Chambers on behalf of one Mr. Zubairu Dalhatu Malami to his ex-girlfriend, Hajiya demanding payback of his investment during their relationship.

Mr Malami a Nigerian resident of Kanu state noted that he incurred the expenses over the more than the three-year period that he and Zainab dated because he was under the impression that Zainab was going to honour her promise to get married to him.

Mr Malami, according to his lawyers, spent on rent, travel expenses, business startup capital, cars among others, totaling nine million eighty-one thousand two hundred naira and forty-five kobo (GHS140,000).

In a letter addressed to Zainab by Malami, her failure to pay the amount will mean that he will sue her in order to retrieve the cash.

Letter below:




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