I Had S£x With Many Ladies and This Is What Is Happening To Me; Man Makes Shocking Confession And Leaves Men Terrified -WATCH VIDEO

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Many men are left wondering after a video of a man who confessed having multiple s#x with ladies and this has been hunting him.

The said man has left many tongues wagging in a total dismay as the confession seems shocking to them, or some are greatly involved in similar act.

In more details, an Anonymous man has taken to Reddit to reveal that he has slept with more than 250 prostitutes and that he can never tell his wife about this.

Narrating how he fvcked so many prostitutes, the man said he is fat & ugly and never interacted with girls due to how strict his parents were.

And back in school he one day paid a prostitute for a 10 minute session and he was disvirgined,that made him want more…

Read the full narration below:

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