I am a Married Woman, But Am Still a Prostitute, Woman From Volta Region Reveals In a Viral Video; Reasons Shocking -WATCH

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A 38-year-old woman from Volta Region whose identity was not revealed shared her story of having a husband, but she is still in prostitution.

According to the woman, her grandfather who was a fetish priest at Volta region, slept with her at the age of four when she was staying with her Auntie.

Her grandfather died when she got 11 years old. At that time, she wanted to tell her parents about what the man did to her, but she did not get the courage to inform them. But after his death, any man the woman greets has to sleep with her.

When she was 12 years, she started going to clubs with her friends and he slept with men. That was when she started prostitution, she usually stands at StandChart opposite Madina market. She said a lot of ladies who are into prostitution envy themselves a lot.

The woman met a guy who was interested in her when she was 20 years old, but she did not love him because of the kind of work she was doing. She can not be with one man but she got pregnant. She said whenever she is going out for prostitution, she prays to God to protect and help her to get a good person.

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That man advised her to stop prostitution but did not listen to the advice. She got married and gave birth to his first child, later she got pregnant but at that time she was living in a kiosk with her husband.

It rained one day and their kiosk got flooded. They were in the flood and was struggling but her husband too was not back home. Fortunately, a certain man saved them from the flood.

According to the woman, she never gets her mother’s love, the mother has been passing at where she stays but never come to visit her. The woman also said she is married but still go for prostitution. One day a man who was having a car came for her and they went to Buduburam.

When she got to the man’s house she was shocked, the man opened his door without closing it, she asked him the reason and he told her that sometimes, armed robbers come to his house to attack him.

The man’s room was having a bad odour, he then told her that he wants a human sacrifice, the woman became afraid, she then told the man to take his bath before they will sleep, she removed all her dress and ran away. Now she is fed up with that lifestyle and wants to stop prostitution.

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