Exorbitant Monies Deducted From Teachers’ Professional Allowance; Teachers Unions Petitioned Government 


Teacher unions and Ghana Education Service have petitioned the ministry of finance and minister of education and the government overtaxing of their professional allowance.

According to the petition, the said allowance was non-taxable but however, payroll verification exercise for November has shown that 1200 has suffered a tax reduction.

Teachers all over the country have registered a great disappointment in the government by what some call a trick by the government over their professional allowance saga.

It would be recalled that the government announced teacher professional development allowance GH¢1200 a few months ago.

Teachers however have been paid GH¢866 with the following breakdown:

Professional allowance break down

Amount paid -¢1200.00


License – ¢100.00

Tax – ¢234.00

Amount left – ¢866.00

Teachers have expressed disappointment about considering the noise that was made at about 1200. It is against this background that the GES has petitioned the government and ministry of finance to correct the anomalies before payments at the end of the month.

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