Drama As Pastor Heavily and Repeatedly Punches Female Member During Deliverance Service; Shockingly Displays Bruce Lee’s Skills -WATCH VIDEO

Many of the Pastors we have lately never ceased to amaze the public with some kind of weird things they as do all in the name of directions and deliverance.

Undoubtedly, from the outrageous miracles to directives, not a single week passes without one hearing of a pastor doing something untoward.

Per what our portal saw,  attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from the public as they share unpalatable comments.

While such acts often receive a lot of condemnation from social media users, it seems that phenomenon is not going away anytime soon.

A new video which has popped up online suggests such unusual behaviour in the Christian church may even be getting worse as it has got to the point where pastors hits congregant during an unconvincing spirit exorcism.

In the video , a man who seemed to be a pastor was spotted hitting his female church member during a deliverance service before she starts screaming in a deep voice as if the spirit is about to leave her body.

Whilst the lady screams, the local prophet jogs as if he is assisting the spirit to leave the woman.

At one point he even showcases his karate skills by throwing a good round kick whilst facing the possessed woman.
Luckily he does not hit her with the kick which looks as if it is to frighten the spirit within the woman.

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People on social media are not pleased with what they see and the act is pretty unconvincing that many deem it fake.

Well, watch the video below as scooped for our cherished readers…


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