‘Dirty Secrets’ About Kevin Taylor Finally Out and This Is Not Good For His Image -WATCH VIDEO

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Kevin Taylor has been hit deeply after an accusation popped up against his children alleging they’re illegitimate.

Nana Agradaa has thrown the latest salvo in her beef against Taylor and she went in deep and hard as she tries to get him back for thoroughly disgracing her.

Agradaa alleged that one of Taylor’s daughters with his American wife is actually not his.

Agradaa claims that his wife cheated on him and the kids are not his if he carries out a DNA test.

Her allegation was contained in a new video slamming Taylor as the latest chapter of their beef goes on.

Agradaa claimed many other things – that Kevin cannot satisfy his wife in bed and a host of other nonsensical claims.

She also said he had reported her to the IGP.

Watch Agradaa below…

Kevin Taylor destroyed fetish priestess turned evangelist Agradaa in a recent video that went viral.

Taylor pulled no punches as he described Agradaa as a yellow baboon and completely dissed her appearance.

He said her skin is rotten from excessive bleaching and anyone who goes around her suffers from her unpleasant body odour.


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