Check Out The Scheme Of Services In GES That Every TEACHER Must KNOW


A. Starting from UTDBE – Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education. Those who are not able to meet the diploma are awarded with Cert “A” and they start from Supt. II before progressing to Supt. I, Snr. Supt. II, Snr. Supt. I, etc.

B. Those from colleges of education (Diplomats) start from Snr. Supt. II and progress to Snr. Supt. I before climbing to PS, etc.

C. Those with degree (from Universities) start from PS, from PS to ADE II and ADE I to Deputy Director to Director II and Director I.

D. All the District/ Municipal/ Metro and Deputy Regional Directors are of the rank of Director II. They are of the same rank except that they work in different locations.

E. Director I are the Regional Directors and the Divisional Directors. There are ten divisional Directors (they are at the headquarters).

F. Deputy Director General- we have two Deputy Director Generals. They are;
1. ACCESS AND QUALITY (AQ) – He/ she is responsible for teachers, teaching,
classrooms, etc
Director General

G. Finally, Director General.

Just so you know- Be informed.
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