Bizarre News: See What A Man Is Captured Doing With A Live Crocodile That Got People Talking -WATCH

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There is currently a massive stir on social media after a wild video of a man doing a strange thing with a crocodile.

The weird video after hitting social media attracted much attention and also generated endless talk among the netizens, having many given unpleasant comments.

Others have taken to heap praises on the man and tagged him as brave, since they have not seen anyone like that in their lives.

In more details, Crocodile is one of the most dreaded animals in the world, and humans don’t associate with it.


However, it is quite shocking to see a man not only near a crocodile, but hugging a crocodile.

In the video, the man was caught cuddling a live crocodile, in Lagos, and people were left to wonder how the man did it.


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