After Given Birth to a ‘Wolf’ This Is What Happened To Me; Lady Cries Out -[WATCH VIDEO]

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My husband and mother rejected me after given birth to a baby who looks like a wolf; a lady cries out her frustration.

Sometimes in life, strange things happen to us and there is no way we can explain them. All we can do is to live with them no matter how terrifying they are. A wise one once said that sadness flies away on the wings of time.

In today’s article, I will be writing about a young lady called Janet who has given birth to what people call a wolf because of the fur all around her baby.

According to this young lady, it all started two years ago when she got pregnant and was expecting her baby. Everyone in her community was happy for her and was eager to see her baby. She took care of herself for 9 months until she gave birth. She was taken to the hospital to give birth and as soon as she pulled the baby out, the doctors were so scared.

They started calling out the blood of Jesus because they thought she had given birth to a wolf of which they have never seen in their lives before.

Janet wondered why the doctors were calling out the blood of Jesus and asked the doctors why. She was told to look at what she had given birth to and to her surprise, it was something she did not expect to happen to her.

She was immediately transferred to a bigger hospital. Beside the baby having fur on her entire body, between her legs was closed and it was hard to tell if the baby was a girl or a boy but she had a small opening which she uses to urinate.

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She was transferred to a bigger hospital and according to Janet, the doctors did not help her at all. She said they only took photos of the baby and told her to go back to where she had come from. She became frustrated and asked the doctors why her baby was born like this.

She was told because her baby had a rare psychiatric syndrome or Clinical lycanthropy in her blood and her condition is very serious because there are less than 10 cases documented worldwide.

It was at this point Janet realized that she had no option but to carry her baby home because she did not have money for further treatment. The moment she got home and told her husband about it, he told her that there was no way he could have that creature.

He told her she might have been impregnated by a wolf or something so she should find her way elsewhere because he was not ready to entertain such nonsense. She was left with nothing to do and had nowhere to go so she went to her mother’s place.

She knew her mother’s place was the only place of rest because her husband had abandoned her. Upon reaching home, her mother welcomed her. Janet told her all that had happened and upon looking at the baby, the mother also threw her out of her house and told her that her place was not meant for such creatures, and if she really wanted to stay with her, she should find a way to get rid of the baby.

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She was shocked that a mother could do that to her own daughter. As if it was not enough, all her brothers told her not to call them brothers anymore so long as she keeps that creature.

The doctors told her to send the baby for a check-up once in a while and when she went there, they told her they were going to perform surgery on the baby’s belly and back. After two attempts, the surgery was successful and the doctors promised her a better improvement in the future.

It was time for her baby immunization and whenever she got to the hospital, a lot of people neglected her and told her she had really given birth to a wolf. To the people who neglected her, she could bear with them because they did not know her baby’s condition.

When she got to the doctor, he told her that it would have been better if she did not give birth to the baby. She said that for the love of her baby, she did not commit abortion and now look at what she is going through. She asked the doctor if it is possible for her daughter to be healed.

The doctor told her that it is possible but that will require a huge sum of money. With her financial status as a single parent who is not working, she could not raise such an amount for her daughter’s surgery.

Watch the video below;

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